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We specialise in supplying milk and cream to a wide range of customers. Our milk is processed into a range of packaging formats, including metric and imperial poly bottles, the traditional glass pint, Eco pouches and sustainable cartons. We produce a full range of milk-whole, semi–skimmed, skimmed and organic. Cream is available as double, whipping or single and we supply a range of other local products such as yoghurt, eggs and juice.

The Eco pouch
eco-pouchConsumers are becoming increasingly concerned about product packaging and its impact on the environment. In response to this we supply milk packed in the Eco pouch, available as a third pint with a straw for children or a 1 litre pouch complete with a re-usable jug.

The main benefits are:

  • 75% less packaging than conventional containers
  • Recyclable
  • Reduced landfill waste compared to polybottles if recycling is not available in your area
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • High impact strength ensures no leakages



CartonsCartons are made from wood fibre in the form of paperboard. All wood is sourced from sustainable/responsible forests.

All cartons are recyclable. Both the fibres and the coating can be recycled into new paper products or into energy without harmful emissions.

Cartons also emit one-third to one half of the CO2 emitted by standard plastic bottles.

These are available in 189ml with a straw for children and there is also 250ml equivalent. 

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